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The counter professional.

the facilitation for the butchery.

The S.A.M. X3. slicer makes fast counter sales possible. Simply place the product on the machine and select the target weight. The machine then slices and places the perfect sliced meat.




S.A.M. X3. the new slicing machine with weight control

e.g. customer orders. 

 Cold cuts, 125 grams!


  • Customer can also submit a price request e.g. sausage for 1€
  • no long queues


Machine automatically slices and deposits slices.


  • without hand contact, hygienic!
  • Time saving for the consultation
  • Simplification of work

Perfect cold cuts.

By weight or price.


  • decoratively placed cold cuts
  • hygienic, as there is no contact with the hand
  • automatic packing optionally possible

Time for your customers. 

Free hands to advise and serve your customers.

That's what S.A.M. brings to your butcher shop.


satisfied operators


higher turnover


more time

Counter with one operator

Working on 2 machines at the same time is possible. Time saving of approx. 50% and concentrate on the craft.

Time for consulting

The operator is relieved of the monotonous and strenuous movements of conventional slicing machines. In the time gained, the operator becomes an active sales consultant at the counter. This enhances the operator's activity and increases the sales of the fresh food counter.

Easy handling

Your employees are happy and prefer to work with a S.A.M. instead of a manual machine.

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the S.A.M. pays off from day one.

good for your butcher shop

  • Increase in turnover
  • Savings in working time
  • Additional sales through consulting
  • Saving working time
    The operating personnel has more time for other activities such as consulting and sales directly at the customer.

Good for your customers

  • stress-free shopping
  • freshly sliced
  • sliced without hand contact
  • no queues
  • Shopping with price request possible


Equip your counter now with the new slicer and benefit from the advantages.

See it in Action

sam kuchler euroshop messestand, x3 robopacker
sam kuchler euroshop messe, aufschnittmaschine

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S.A.M. slicing machine X3.

SAM Aufschnittmaschine, vollautomatisch, Touchpad


Automatic weight/price slicing at the push of a button, maximum labour saving, easy operation, highest quality processing.

  • integrated scale
  • fully automatic cutting
  • easy in operation

smm aufschnittmaschinen X3 RoboPacker, vollautomatisch, verpackungsroboter

X3. + robo

Slice and pack automatically at the push of a button on weight/price, maximum labour saving, easy handling, highest quality processing.

  • SamPak Package
  • fully automatic packaging
  • good packing quality

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