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Aufschnittmaschine für Fischfilets

308 CS Salmon

Automatic slicing.

Slicing fish fillets into thin slices...

Thanks to our S.A.M. special machines, slicing fish & salmon filets is easy!




e.g. slicing salmon fillets lengthwise. 

 perfect deposition!

Choose between different layout forms and let the machine work at the push of a button.

  • simple operation
  • further transport  of the portions thanks to the conveyor belt!
  • constant slicing quality

Slicing salmon fillets.

S.A.M. slices automatically and places slices on the conveyor belt.

Make full use of the automatic system and let the machine slice continously on the conveyor belt.

  • without hand contact, hygienic!
  • Time saving and work simplification
  • well-placed portions
  • automated transport  for packing

Slicing manually.
Slice the portions easily by hand.

Use the ease of movement of the S.A.M. machine to slice perfect portions even by hand.

  • smooth-running product holder
  • hygienic, as there is no contact with the hand
  • packing optionally possible

Fish for sushi?

No problem!

With our machines it is also possible to slice fish for sushi.

  • hygienic, as there is no contact with the hand
  • Time saving & work simplification
  • slicing multiple portions at the same time

See the results for yourself:

highest quality

S.A.M. machines are powerful and precise!

Easy to clean

Thanks to the Blade Remover, the blade can be easily removed, making it easier to clean the machine of fish remains.

Easy handling

Your employees are happy and prefer to work with an S.A.M. than with a manual machine.

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The S.A.M. pays off from day one.

good for your shop

  • Saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Increased quality due to constant slicing quality
  • Relief 
    The operating personnel has more time for other activities such as consulting and sales directly at the customer.

Good for your customers

  • beautifully laid slices 
  • freshly sliced
  • sliced without hand contact

Let us advise you. 

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S.A.M. slicers for fish

300 Salmon

Manual slicer for fish and salmon fillets. Easy handling thanks to smooth-running product holder. Enables precise slicing of fillet slices

  • smooth-running product holder
  • flow amount of residue
  • easy operation

308 CS Salmon

Fully automatic production of fish fillet portions. Two deposit types selectable.

  • fully automatic
  • onward transport thanks to conveyor belt
  • ideal for production

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