♻️ 60% less material than conventional packaging.



WHAT IS SamPak® ?


“Hi, I am SamPak®! A unique packaging that holds the freshness and aroma of your cold cuts for several days.”

Hygienic – without hand contact – in several layers. Each layer is separated from the other. Without additives, without vacuum – without tricks!


Breathable multi-chambers allow individual opening, unopened layers retain freshness of goods. The customer opens portion by portion.




Freshness starts with the slice SamPaks are being produced in front of the customers, displayed in a refrigerated counter for self-service use.


Gone are the days of endless waiting time at the counter, no queues – no rush. A stress-free environment to shop. Increase in turnover through a stress-free shopping experience.


Rather than placing one or two orders at the serviced counter, customers have the luxury to choose from the refrigerated counter.