SamPak – The N°1 Freshness Pak

Productfamily :

Classic SamPak®


plastic film from BoPP

♻️ 60% less material as industrial packaging.



BIO SamPak®


foil made from wood

🌱 compostable packaging from renewable resources!


A closed circle – plasticfree

My customers love the plastic free alternative!

Paper SamPak®


📜 coated paper + transparent viewing window

What’s a SAMPAK® ?


„I’m a SamPak, the unique packaging that preserves the flavor and freshness of cold cuts for several days.”

S.A.M. Slice & Pak systems pack hygienically – without a touch of a hand – in multiple layers. Each layer is separated from the other. No additives, no vacuum – no tricks!


The breathable multi-chambers allow removal as needed. The customer opens portion by portion. Unopened layers retain their fully freshness.

Freshness on time


Freshness starts with the first cut. SamPaks are produced in front of the customers and laid out in the self-service counter for their free choice.


Real freshness on time in the self-service counter. No queue at the deli counter. No impatient customers, just shop at leisure and choose from the wide range of SAMPAKs. Increasing sales through a stress-free shopping experience.


Instead of one or two orders in service, the customer picks up much more at the counter. The appetizing, transpartent SamPaks have a stimulating effect, and the packaging in separate chambers keeps the goods fresh for longer.