Innovation & Quality

In the in-house development company in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, innovative solutions and the highest quality are understood as an inseparable unit. From prototype to production-ready slicing and packaging line, the combination of new ideas with new materials and new software based on state-of-the-art technology is created step by step. This principle has proven itself over six decades.

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With more than 500 patents, the in-house development company S.A.M. Innovations has been setting the direction throughout the industy for decades. Performance, user-friendliness, ergonomics, safety and the technical implementation of new sales concepts in food retailing are the focus.


All S.A.M. devices are exclusively manufactured in our factory in Klagenfurt, Austria by highly qualified employees. High vertical range of manufacture, precision and experience result in a worldwide recognized quality product.


To minimize manufacturing tolerances, immediate quality checks are performed after each manufacturing process. This enables highest quality as well as failure-free end products.


One of Leonardo da Vinci’s principles is called Connessione. It describes the realization that all things are connected. Ultimately, the joint success of all those working towards a common goal depends on the functioning of the entire movement.

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Mechanical production





Antipendler Safety Belt automatic support of the cut material carriage also for asymmetrical cut material during the cutting movement


ATC Automatic Thickness Control – for millimeter-precise slicing thickness adjustment


BR Blade Remover: Knife removal bell, with 1 move knife is docked onto it – for safe cleaning


Carpaccio presentation of wafer-thin slices, round


Diameter sensing electronic sensors indicate size measurements of the sliced material for exact placement Control system


ELS safety closing of the stop plate immediately after slicing


IL/TBS Handling support robot for trays or packaging strips


Jet Hold Fixation of clamping handle automatically switches on knife or opens stop plate (knife access)


Pedal Foot pedal facilitates switching on/off


PLU 400 P2=400 X also creates portions of equal weight


Programme for input mm or cm spacing of slices. Overlapping stacks for sandwiches

Push Up 1 Touch is enough to open the product holder


RS 60 round plate 60 cm big for breakfast buffet


S.A.M. Fork Fork is automatically loaded by S.A.M. according to format and pushed into the vacuum bag – turned over – pulled out so that the cold cuts are vacuum packed


S.A.M. Wojnar automatic cup allocation


Scan automatic input of PLU’s


Static Gun for static unloading of packaging foils


Strip dispenser for slip sheets


Tables rotatable, mobile, height adjustable, with cooling drawer, customized for each type


Plate clamp special holder for plates (ideal in hospitals)


Vario variable stroke of the cut product carriage according to the product size, thus faster work