The Supermarket of the Future

Online stores such as Amazon or Zalando are pioneers in bringing all kinds of shopping experiences to the comfort of customer’s homes. So, if we can shop all goods from home, why go to the supermarket?



Will the ordinary supermarkets still exist and what will they look like?



Supermarkets as we know them will still be around, but they will be ever-changing to meet the needs and wants of customers. Fully digitalized yet still inspired by their roots. Price and quality are the main factors that lead the retail industry. In the future, as has been in the past, quality will be determined by customer loyalty. Customer care and face-to-face contact are still as important as ever, as are minimal unnecessary waiting times and the highest product quality for the consumer.


We are for and at the fresh food counter, we have turned this idea into reality. Our new Slice & Pak systems offer modern opportunities.